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Guest Speaker Policy

International Islamic Link (the Charity) is a Muslim faith based charity operating in Middlesex.

In furtherance of its objective to promote learning and education the Charity from time to time invites speakers and scholars from around the globe to present at community gatherings and religious functions. Guest speakers are chosen for their intellectual prowess, ability to challenge listeners, ability to present fresh perspectives and their reputation. The audience appreciate good speakers and welcome these opportunities to learn and seek religious knowledge.

The Charity recognises its responsibility to the audience that it serves and the wider community in which it operates. The Charity will continue to ensure the messages imparted from its platform do not promote hatred, bigotry or animosity between groups of people, or segments of society.

This will be achieved through due diligence and screening of speakers who are invited to attend the Charity’s functions. As a matter of principle the Charity does not invite speakers known:

  • to be affiliated with extremist organisations
  • to hold extremist views or
  • to have been barred from similar organisations to ourselves

This policy is effective 15 June 2014 and until further notice.

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